Menu Bar Overview

Detailed Menu Bar Overview in Orchidea

Orchidea Menu

  • Services: Access system-wide services offered by your operating system.
  • Hide Orchidea: Temporarily hides the Orchidea application from view. Shortcut: ⌘H.
  • Hide Others: Hides all other open applications, leaving only Orchidea visible. Shortcut: ⌥⌘H.
  • Show All: Reveals all applications that were hidden.
  • Quit Orchidea: Exits the Orchidea application. Shortcut: ⌘Q.

File Menu

  • New Project: Opens a new blank project to start fresh. Shortcut: ⌘N.
  • Open: Opens a dialog box to select and open an existing project. Shortcut: ⌘O.
  • Open Recent: Lists recently accessed projects for quick access.
  • Close Project: Closes the currently open project. Shortcut: ⌘W.
  • Save: Saves the current project in its existing location. Shortcut: ⌘S.
  • Save As: Saves the project under a new name or location. Shortcut: ⇧⌘S.
  • Export Project as Music XML: Converts the entire project into a MusicXML file, suitable for use in other music notation software.
  • Export Project as Audio WAV: Renders the project’s audio into a high-quality WAV file, which is a standard uncompressed audio format.
  • About: Displays information about the Orchidea software, including version details.

View Menu

  • Horizontal Zoom In/Out: Increases or decreases the horizontal zoom level on the score, allowing for a closer or broader view of the musical notation. Shortcuts: ⌘+ and ⌘- respectively.
  • Full Zoom In/Out: Fully zooms in or out of the score. Shortcuts: ⌥⌘+ and ⌥⌘- respectively.
  • Score Instruments: Opens the Score Instruments window where you can add, remove, or reorder instruments.
  • Reverb & Master: Accesses settings for reverb effects and master volume, allowing for adjustments to the overall sound quality.
  • Key Mapping Editor: Opens the Key Mapping Editor to customize keyboard shortcuts and commands.
  • Settings: Opens the settings window where you can configure various preferences for the application.

Edit Menu

  • Undo: Reverts the last action you performed. Shortcut: ⌘Z.
  • Redo: Reapplies the last undone action. Shortcut: ⇧⌘Z.

Controls Menu

  • Play: Starts playback of the score from the current playhead position. Shortcut: Space.
  • Rewind: Moves the playhead back to the start of the score.
  • Loop: Toggles looping playback, allowing the score to repeat continuously. Shortcut: ⌘L.

Target Menu

  • Add Target: Allows you to add a new target audio file for orchestration. Shortcut: ⇧⌘N.
  • Delete Target: Removes the currently selected target audio file from the project.
  • Inspector: Opens the inspector panel, which provides detailed settings and properties for the selected elements. Shortcut: ⌘P.
  • Orchestrate: Initiates the orchestration process, generating orchestration based on the target audio file. Shortcut: ⌘B.
  • Export Target as Music XML: Converts the target audio to a MusicXML format, suitable for further editing in notation software. Shortcut: ⌘M.
  • Export Target as Audio WAV: Renders the target audio into a WAV file. Shortcut: ⌘E.

Help Menu

  • Help: Accesses the help documentation and resources for Orchidea, providing guidance and troubleshooting support.

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