Note: this pages only shows papers related to Orchidea and do not discuss previous versions.

Carmine-Emanuele Cella
Orchidea: a comprehensive framework for target-based computer-assisted dynamic orchestration
Journal of New Music Research, Fall 2022

Luke Dzwonczyk, Leo Chedin, Alejandro Saldarriaga-Fuertes, Max Sherr, Helene-Camille Crayencour and Carmine-Emanuele Cella
Source Separation Methods for Computer-assisted Orchestration
3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity, 2022

Marcelo Caeatno and Carmine-Emanuele Cella
Imitative Computer-Aided Musical Orchestration with Biologically Inspired Algorithms
Handbook of Artificial Intelligence in Music (book chapter), Springer (2020)

Carmine-Emanuele Cella, Luke Dzwonczyk, Alejandro Saldarriaga-Fuertes, Hongfu Liu and Helene-Camille Crayencour
A Study on Neural Models for Target-Based Computer-Assisted Musical Orchestration
Joint conference on AI Music Creativty, 2020, Stockholm, Sweden

Jon Gillick, Carmine-Emanuele Cella and David Bamman)
Estimating unobserved audio features for targed-based orchestration
ISMIR 2019, Delft, The Netherlands

Carmine-Emanuele Cella and Philippe Esling
Open-source modular toolbox for computer-aided orchestration 
Timbre conference, 2018, Montreal, Canada